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5 Easy SEO Tricks To Bring Customers for Hotel Industry

No one predicts the negative impact of COVID-19 on hotels and tourists. Some of the world’s most popular and well-known hotels are struggling with a shortage of customers, and as a result small businesses have the same, if not the worst, status quo. As a hotel owner, can you really miss any opportunity to catch potential customers?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must-have for any travel and tourism market. However, the hotel and hosting industry has some of the best SEO tricks we share in our simple hand guide below. 

  1. Keyword SEO tricks

According to Brand AdvoKates, a renowned company providing seo services in Pakistan states that one of the pillars of good SEO is the apt use of keywords. However, with hotels located in cities all over the world, and with large chains dominating the online market, you have to be smart to rise to the top of the search engine rankings. the use of words and phrases related to your particular hotel. 

These keywords need to be on your website, usually in more than one place. For example, the word ‘hotel’ will not go anywhere on the search engine. However, if you choose the ‘hotel accommodation’ then your ranking will increase, the keywords will be more specific and your hotel may rise up.

  1. List Your Hotel

There are many free Google search tools available for your hotel listing. They allow Google to list important information about your hotel to potential customers. Listing on these websites should host SEO .

First of all Google Places on Google Plus. Both work together and act as a analytics tool, as well as a way to boost SEO. Google Places is the main function that pops up on Google maps when you search for anything in your area. 

Google My Business is a similar tool to Google Places. As well as showing people where you are, it will also allow for setting customer ratings and conditions in your hotel. 

  1. Make Your Site Your Answer

A lot of people are looking at their cell phones. That means you have to have a website that looks good not only on the desktop but also on your phone. It should be easy for passengers and should be carried quickly .

  1. Make a Blog

All those niche keywords and more can integrate seamlessly into your sales pitch if you have a blog. Build keyword-rich content about travel , tourism, and events around your hotel location. People will stumble across the website when exploring things to do in the area, and even if they don’t stay in your hotel, your brand name will increase significantly. 

  1. Stay New

No one wants to visit a website that looks old and outdated. Search engines will also force the crawling of a website that is not regularly updated. There are options to keep your website looking new. 

Add new content – especially blog posts – regularly. Keep up to date with the latest trends, and remove any out-of-date website features such as flashlights, pdfs , and automated media publishers. 

Introducing Signs

Even if you do just a few SEO tricks, you will slowly see your ad promotion status, leading to a long time of increasing revenue. If you like our guide, and want to learn more about SEO tricks then visit our blog article with useful articles.

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