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Is it good to buy a sensitive skin electric shaver or not?

Things to consider when buying a shaver for sensitive skin

Before buying a sensitive skin electric shaver, you must remember that not all skins have the same degree of sensitivity.

That is why you must choose a model that suits your needs. These factors will help you make a decision:

  • Blade material: Choose quality blades made of rust-resistant and hypoallergenic materials. In addition, they must have precision technology so that you avoid friction irritation.
  • Automatic hair detection: This system adapts the power to the density of the beard. So it won’t matter if you have a beard of 3, 7, or more days, you will always get a close shave without discomfort.
sensitive skin electric shaver
  • Dry and wet: Shaving with foam or soap softens the hair and makes it easier for the razor to slide. This allows the shave to be comfortable and less aggressive with the skin.
  • Non-slip handle: It is also important that you choose an ergonomic model that fits your hand. That is, it is easy to maneuver even with wet hands.

Recommendations on how to use a men’s body shaver

Body epilators are characterized by being easy-to-use equipment. However, for the hair removal process to be effective and without discomfort, you must take these recommendations into account:

sensitive skin electric shaver
  • The hair must be moist so that the machine glides easily and the effectiveness of the cut is increased. But if you have a lot of hair, it is best to use it dry.
  • Shaves against hair growth. This will give you a closer and more even shave.
  • Stretches the skin in the most delicate areas such as the intimate parts, armpits, and English. This way the machine will slide more smoothly and comfortably.
  • Use a medium-length trimmer head in areas where hair is longest and thickest. This will make it easier for you to shave later.
  • Rinse the head and blades well after using the machine. Otherwise, hairs will collect inside the shaver and may lose their effectiveness.

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