PVC Tent or PE: Which Material Should You Choose?

If you want to get yourself a party tent, one of the most important things you should think about is where and when the tent will be used . Do you only need the tent a few times or all year round? Do you want to heat or smoke in the tent, or do you value ease of use? Here we give you an overview of which tent is best suited for which occasions .

A PVC party tent is suitable for this

Party tents made of PVC material benefit from the hard-wearing and durable material . Even if it is used regularly, the tent withstands its requirements and is much more weather-resistant than a party tent with a PE tarpaulin. Regardless of whether it is wind, cold or rain, a PVC tarpaulin is UV-resistant and extremely weatherproof.

Therefore, a tent made of PVC is also very suitable for business events, as it can be used again and again and still does not lose any of its quality. Thanks to the sturdy PVC tarpaulin, the tent can be set up for a long time or all year round. Thanks to the shiny, high-quality material , a PVC party tent immediately makes a luxurious impression, which is particularly elegant at business events, but also at weddings .

A tent made of PVC is ideal for larger events where fire protection measures must also be taken into account. Precisely because it is so flame-retardant or fire-resistant, heat sources such as radiant heaters cannot be dangerous for the material. Even in winter, the tent can be used without any problems. A PVC tarpaulin is also the safe solution if you smoke in the tent . In order to enjoy a high level of comfort and security even at private parties, it is worth choosing this variant.

The disadvantage of PVC tarpaulins, however, is probably the price and the handling. Due to the heavy material, the tents are not so easy to transport and also take longer to set up .

In short, a tent made of PVC material is ideal if:

  • it is used all year round
  • the tent should be heated
  • You want to use it as a smoking tent
  • it should be flame retardant or fireproof
  • You are looking for a tough and durable tent

On the other hand, if you would like to have spontaneous or sporadic garden parties, a PE marquee might be a good choice.

The use of PE party tents

PE tents are cheaper to manufacture and therefore primarily impress with their low price and low weight .

A tent with a PE tarpaulin is therefore particularly interesting if you have a small budget. The tarpaulins are UV-resistant and waterproof and offer a pleasant shelter in strong sunlight as well as in light rain and wind.

The tent is ideal for a small private garden party because it is affordable and light in weight, but still offers high quality and water resistance. The simple handling during assembly and dismantling is an advantage, because it minimizes the effort before and after the celebration and a party can also spontaneously start with tents made of PE tarpaulin.

Due to the small packing volume , the tent can also be stowed away comfortably and easily after a long party.

Since it is not quite as weather-resistant as the PVC variant, a tent made of PE is rather unsuitable for large events or regular events. In addition, the material is not fire retardant , like PVC, so smoking and heating in it is not very beneficial.

A tent made of PE material is therefore suitable if:

  • it is only used sporadically
  • You want to spend less money
  • ease of use is preferred
  • You are looking for a light tent with a small packing volume

The question of whether PVC or PE is better depends entirely on the intended use of the party tent.


So there are some differences between PE and PVC material that you should consider before buying a party tent. For small celebrations in good weather, a light, inexpensive party tent made of PE fabric can score. However, if you are looking for a robust party tent that is flame-retardant or fire-resistant and can be used all year round, it is worth investing in a party tent made of high-quality PVC material . So nothing stands in the way of celebrating!

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