The Safest Way to Sell Any Car in the UAE

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It is not always easy for you to find the safest way to sell your car in the UAE as you are often told by the dealers that we buy cars but most of them either charge you a heavy price for their services or they are running a fake business of car selling and buying. The car market in the UAE has grown at a fast speed in recent times that has given rise to car selling as well.

Today, there are a number of car dealers can be spotted in the UAE car market who make different car deals on daily basis and are trusted by the sellers as there is only one middleman involved in this whole process. Similarly, the usage of classified websites to sell the used vehicle is also on the rise where the buyers tell the sellers that we will buy your car and you do not need to approach any private car dealer to get your car sold. But, does this all ensure of a safe car selling and buying process? It might do not.

Let us discuss how the process of car selling and buying can be made safe in the UAE.

Private Car Dealers tell you that We Buy Cars

Selling a car to private car dealer has been followed by the sellers for a long time as it is one of the oldest ways of car selling and involve only one middleman that makes the sellers trust this process. Different car dealers are running their businesses of car selling in the car markets around the world and most of them have also established their online services to assist the sellers when they put their used vehicles on sale.

Are the Classified Websites A Good Platform to Sell Your Car?

Today, one can easily see a number of ads on the classified websites with headings of “we buy cars” that attract the sellers to get their cars sold. The classifieds are the online platform of car selling and buying and charge nothing that the sellers might have to pay to sell his car thorough private car dealers. The internet services have made it easier for the sellers and buyers to make the car selling deals through classifieds and moreover, the process is simple and does not require much of time.

The sellers can post free of cost ad of their used vehicles on classified websites. To post an ad, the seller has to take some quality pictures of the vehicle and provide essential information about it. After this, the seller needs to share the ad of the vehicle as its popularity depends on how much reviews it gets. However, the most important problem that the sellers face when they post their vehicle’s ad on classifieds is that their personal information can be accessed by anyone as these websites come with little or no security confirmation at all.

The UAE police have recorded a number of fake car deals scams where the sellers are approached by fake buyers through classifieds and either run away with the vehicle while doing the physical inspection or pay a bogus cheque as a mode of payment. So, the classifieds websites do not ensure a safe car selling process and you will leave with a question in your mind that who will buy my car.

Sell Your Car to Classified Websites

You can find many professional car buying companies in the UAE. There are also many car selling platform to sell used cars at best profits and in a short period of time. The company is registered with the UAE authorities and follow a legal car selling process thus relieving the sellers of all the hassle of going to private car dealers or selling through classifieds. With years of experience in car selling, offers valuable services to its customers to sell their cars in any conditions at decent prices.

To sell any car, the seller has to fill an online car valuation form at the company’s website to get an estimated price of his car. If the seller like this price, he can book an appointment with our leading car expert team at any nearby branch of the company and take the vehicle for physical inspection that takes only 30 minutes. We will buy your car in the best possible safest way in a short period of time that is ensured by our leading car expert team.

The price that is offered to the seller at the beginning of the process is subject to physical inspection of the vehicle. The car expert team offers a final price of the vehicle after doing the physical inspection and the seller is completely free to reject it and walk away with the vehicle. However, if the seller accepts the offered price it leads to an immediate sale of the vehicle and the company also takes care of the post paper work. The company’s mode of payment is automated and pay the sellers through electronic bank transfer once the title of the vehicle is transferred from the seller in company’s name.

We buy cars in any condition as we accept the damaged or non-running cars as well and our method of car buying is trusted, easier, and safer in the growing UAE car market.

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