Top 10: The Best Small & Medium Business Ideas for Men in 2021 [with examples]

Let’s start with an honest confession about small business ideas for men:

Everyone has millions of ideas in their minds. 

To your mom, your cousins, your postman – everyone!

However, very few actually make millions out of these.

If you’re also starting a small business, or you’re about to start a medium business, you know that entrepreneurial ideas alone are worth nothing.

Implementation is everything.

If you’re wondering how to get an idea and a start-up to the top, you’re in the right place: Success Mania was invented for you.

But what is undeniable: 

Every successful business starts with a good idea.

We’ve put together the best business ideas for you in 2021 – and categorized them.

Find the answer to the question: What kind of business should I start?

The best business ideas in 2021

  • tailored to the Hungarian market
  • spiced with the experience of our last decade

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I’m interested

Ergonomic office tools

standing desk

More and more people are working sitting in front of a machine. Or rather, hunched over.

This is not necessarily a problem, as we live in an information age, and the greatest tool that humanity has invented so far is the computer.

What’s wrong, though, is that a continuous, all-day session puts a lot of strain on our bodies.

Our posture is getting more crooked, people are getting more and more obese, and we’re completely tired.

It is no wonder, therefore, that the market for ergonomic office equipment has virtually exploded.

It’s a great business idea in 2021, it was in 2020, and it probably will be in 2050 – as that trend doesn’t seem to be changing, in fact.

There are many products in this category:

  • Standing table
  • Wrist rest
  • Kneeling chair

… And we could list more.

Anything that falls into this category is an incredibly good idea for starting a new business.

It is best to start a webshop for it. 

Benefits : 

  • The market is just exploding in popularity
  • The trend is virtually unseen, it will be popular for a long time
  • You can target multiple audiences, such as:
    • Individuals working in home office
    • Business leaders who want to increase employee productivity
    • Or even the employees themselves
  • You can even run your business as a dropshipping


  • It will take time for the trend to reach the level of foreign popularity in Hungary as well
  • Being cheap products, it’s hard to stand out, to differentiate ourselves

Electric fireplace webshop

electric fireplaces

Who wouldn’t want to read a book by the heat of a crisp fire or talk to their family over a glass of fine wine?

The problem is that not everyone lives in a garden house, in fact we admit it is rarer in Hungary.

Fortunately, here is the solution!

The electric fireplace is the perfect replacement for the real thing, it is very cozy and even emits heat. What’s even better than the real thing is that you don’t necessarily have to produce heat, as it can be set to have only a flame, but the heater function is turned off.

Today, manufacturers are also producing a wall-mounted version, so we suspect it will soon have one in almost every household.


  • The market is huge, almost every household can be a potential target group
  • The idea solves a real problem: it brings the experience of a panel apartment closer to the house with a garden.


  • Quite large and fragile, comparable to about a TV – so a lot of trouble can happen with it during delivery
  • It works for a long time and does not expire, so it cannot be sold annually to the same customer

Electric scooter expert

electric scooter expert

In addition to the electric car, the roller market is the one that has grown the most thanks to new technology.

And sustainable energy is the only way for humanity to go on, so there is no need to fear that this fashion will go down.

These little vehicles crack by 30, so in addition to getting you from point A to point B very quickly, they help you avoid traffic jams – and even provide a huge experience!

what kind of business is worth starting?

We only need experts to educate us, average people, on social platforms (e.g. Youtube) which one to choose. And even if you sell those models, we’re almost guaranteed to buy from him.

And if someone becomes an expert in a tech tool, they can expand their focus and become a general tech expert.

In Hungary, the regulation of the scooter is quite confusing at the moment, but as soon as it is resolved, our tip is that we will see more electric scooters on the roads than bicycles.

Benefits :

  • Electric vehicles have a future, so it’s a really long-term business idea
  • His real explosion is yet to come

Disadvantages :

  • The industry is still in its infancy, the current scooters are not really good (they are depreciating soon)
  • The Hungarian traffic regulations have not yet found the best solution

Biodegradable products

We have committed the greatest pollution in the history of mankind.

The wind of change can already be felt – but it is a question of whether it is not too late.

Biodegradable products usually replace devices that cause the most pollution.

If you’ve been to a festival, you know what the venue looks like…

business ideas

Good solutions to the problem, for example, are sugar cane glasses and plates, which are completely biodegradable, so they do not leave an ecological footprint after use.

For example, companies can also manufacture custom products with company logos printed on the products.

Benefits :

  • You can start small, just make as much as you buy
  • They can be printed individually
  • A business idea that supports a really big and important cause
  • You can even act as a dropshipping web store

Disadvantages :

  • It is difficult or not available at all in Hungary
  • A regular network has not yet been set up to process these products

Dropshipping webshop

dropshipping google trends

This is perhaps the biggest trend in the world of ecommerce right now.

What is dropshipping?

The bottom line is that the company does not keep stock of that product. When a purchase is received from a webshop visitor, the product manufacturer or dropshipping supplier sends the product directly to the customer.

So the webshop owner doesn’t have to contact the product at all, just sell it.

That’s as beautiful as it sounds, there are so many dangers.

But even so, the future of e-commerce!

Benefits :

  • The product is delivered to the customer immediately, no storage / logistics / packaging is required from the webshop
  • The home delivery of the product only needs to be paid once, as it only takes 1 trip
  • There is little or no need to deal with the product side at all – instead the focus can be on optimizing the webshop and selling and marketing.

Disadvantages :

  • It is very difficult to gain a market advantage with the features of the product 
  • The webshop does not have any view of the product, and this is very dangerous
  • A very strong marketing machinery is needed

SME investor

Venture capital investors have been around for a long time. They have a lot of money and a huge network of contacts and a very deep understanding of the basics of startups.

The same can be done much less, for small and medium-sized businesses for men. In practice, we call these people an angel investor, i.e. an angel investor.

To do this, however, it’s important that you probably need to be proficient in building the company, and you have to do this part with the SME owners – but you can already run into the background in operation, after a while they’ll be able to solve it yourself, and you’ll have a share.

As an investor, you are best off pushing in money, as this will help you pull up a particular SME in a much shorter amount of time, but it can also be enough to just give your expertise until the business becomes a stable profit-making business. In this case, however, you can expect a much smaller commission.

This is a very time consuming business idea (if you also help with your expertise to a small business for men), it’s really only worth getting into if you know the industry very well – and focus on that one industry in a different city, or you know the local market very well (e.g. a city ) and you know exactly what is in demand and what is not in supply.

Benefits :

  • In the long run, it can develop a fairly strong source of passive income
  • After founding several companies, you will have more and more experience in company construction and business development

Disadvantages :

  • It is very time and expertise consuming
  • In many cases, an SME will never be able to produce enough to be profitable and even pay you a commission.
  • Your attention is distracted, you can’t really focus on one thing
  • There is a limit to how many companies you can embrace alone. And that limit is easy to reach
  • If you also provide the start-up capital, then it is quite capital intensive

Lawyer and accountant specializing in webshops

webshop demand

The popularity of webshops has been growing steadily since 2010, reaching the maximum of 100 Google Trends on holidays.

You can’t miss out on the best business ideas for almost anything related to webshops.

And what do virtually every business need?

Lawyer and accountant.

Anyone who works as a legal or accounting professional knows how important it is to position yourself to capture a niche market.

All you have to do is connect the biggest business opportunity of recent years with the professions that every business needs, and the end result: a lawyer and attorney specializing in webshops.

Benefits :

  • The “trend” of webshops will never go away
  • It’s a huge market, yet it positions the accountant or lawyer somewhat

Disadvantages :

  • The market is becoming more saturated, much heavier than in the early 2010s
  • In Hungary, net law, such as the GDPR, is fairly loose, so a lawyer is rarely needed

Sustainable fashion

The world’s 2nd most garbage is produced by the fashion industry.

Every piece of clothing has plastic, and today no one sews their torn clothes, but buys a new one right away. Therefore, it is becoming more and more fashionable to tailor clothes bought in rattles. 

But what’s even more interesting to you is that it’s started to produce sustainable, ethical clothes made from bamboo or organic cotton, for example.

business ideas 2020

Benefits : 

  • The whole industry is still in its infancy
  • It provides a solution to a really important and significant problem

Disadvantages :

  • There is still time for it to spread in Hungary
  • Sustainable products are not cheap

Real estate

real estate business

There will always be huge money in real estate, anything can happen. This was demonstrated by the 2008 global crisis.

It is the most popular investment among the average person.

However, a lot of people do it wrong because they buy when prices are in the skies (as they have recently) while they are forced to sell or move out in a time of crisis.

Yet during a global economic crisis, virtually no one buys real estate, demand is completely grounded, and real estate can be obtained at very affordable prices.

It can be rented out, but it can even be sold when prices are high.

Benefits :

  • It will be a great investment while the world is the world
  • It is easy to take advantage of the mistakes of the average person if we buy cheap and sell it expensive
  • It is accepted as a mortgage if a loan would be needed to expand a company

Disadvantages :

  • Unfortunately, your payback is very slow as your risk is low
  • It is difficult to compete with capital inflows from abroad
  • You can only slowly get the money invested when you want to sell it

Free shop

google trends search for "milk-free"

Many people ask what kind of store is worth opening?

More and more people are allergic to food.

I have no idea what the reason is, but the market for milk, sugar, or gluten-free foods is starting to become a huge industry.

From personal experience, I can see that even in a small town, these shops are very trendy, because if one cannot eat what they want, one is willing to pay up to 2-3x as much for a product that satisfies me.

It is primarily gluten and lactose sensitivity that affects most, but many are only looking for “all-free” foods in stores.

Benefits :

  • Unfortunately, food sensitivities or food allergies affect more and more people, the market is getting bigger
  • People suffering from this are not price sensitive, they are aware that products are more expensive

Disadvantages :

  • Large food chains are also getting more and more on the subject, so there is strong competition
  • Opening a similar store can be costly (especially if you need to get the products for a physical store) 
  • Some products may even require a license

Product sales associated with a service

Did you know that Starbucks sold coffee machines at first?

They didn’t really do well.

Then came the idea of a really high quality, the coffee -soaked delicate scent, cozy cafe chain should be built. More and more Starbucks appeared first only in the US and then in the world.

And Starbucks coffee machines started to lose weight.

I can support this idea as well. Expensive, custom metal products were bought less from our garden design business. However, when we designed it for our clients ’garden, they were given the opportunity to order from us.

sale of products for service

So all you have to do is sell products to your customers with your service.

Do you have a nursery? Whatever product you recommend to parents, they will buy it.

Are you an influencer? Create your own brand and your followers will buy from you.

Are you a home decorator? Create a new furniture set and homeowners will be happy to buy it.

Although you have the biggest profit on it when you sell your own product – it can work even if you sell another product. This will be discussed later in the affiliate marketing section.

Benefits :

  • You connect your service with products, so you authenticate the products with your expertise and credibility
  • You will at least double the revenue from your service
  • By providing a service, you also do the sales, so you just have to produce the product

Disadvantages :

  • Unfortunately, this is not a starting idea at all, you can only implement it if you have already built a service
  • It’s not easy at all, as anyone who is a marketer may not be able to build marketing software

Market research for webshops

As you’ve seen before in the Best Business Ideas section, investing your time in webshops is now well worth it.

But unfortunately, in many cases it takes money.

However, there is an option that can be brought together for a small amount of money:

A lot of webshops run the cart very well, but in many cases they miss a opportunity, because the significance of who is the first to bring the given product to Hungary is huge.

That’s why the competition takes away most of the traffic, because early birds first find the product with them – and that’s why they recommend it to their friends.

But if you know where to find the latest webshop ideas, you can give your web store a big advantage. 

Just look at the fidget spinner mentioned earlier:

business ideas for little money

Can you imagine how much advantage you can get to an online store if you predict the trend well in advance and have time to prepare with an inexhaustible inventory and a professional marketing campaign?

All you need is to know in time what it is worth trading.

In this, online software will be most useful to you, such as:

  • Google Trends
  • Buzzsumo
  • Kickstarter and Indiegogo
  • Google Alerts

… And you’re dozens more.

Benefits :

  • It is a very interesting and creative job to watch trade trends
  • You can make a huge profit for your web store, which, if you do it skillfully, will give you all the tricks.

Disadvantages :

  • You have to be on top all the time, you can’t miss anything in the world of eCommerce
  • At first you will need a lot of sales to convince webshops that they need this service
  • Unfortunately, as a freelancer, it is difficult to implement, so it is worth starting a market research company – which is not a child’s play

Fulfillment service for webshops

fulfillment service for webshops

What kind of business is worth getting involved in in 2021? As you may have seen with previous business opportunities: Webshops have great potential.

One of these is that some webshops are unwilling or unable to deal with product logistics.

This is how the fulfillment industry was born.

They take exactly off the shoulders of webshops what they don’t want or can’t deal with:

  • storage of products
  • logistics
  • wrapping
  • transport

So you store the products of the webshop, and then when the order arrives for them, you bring it into the inventory, pack it up and deliver it

Benefits :

  • There are a lot of webshops in Hungary, so the market is huge
  • It can be started small (even at home), with 1-2 webshop customers who sell small products
  • The business can be continuously and predictably expanded by purchasing more and more warehouse space
  • As the number of packages to be sent expands, the packaging materials will be available at better and better prices, and you will receive better and better prices from courier companies.

Disadvantages :

  • There is also an ever-widening range of fulfillment services, making competition more difficult
  • It is difficult to differentiate yourself outside the price, which can thus generate price competition with the competition
  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to enter the market because established fulfillment services can now package and deliver products at much better prices than a start-up company
  • spiced with the experience of our last decade

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Business idea for young people

best business idea for young people

Filling in online questionnaires

Most young people don’t want to work, let alone start a business.

That is why they do not want to fill in questionnaires either. Yet it is terribly valuable for companies to be able to look into the minds of young people.

There are plenty of online questionnaire filling pages – but these are used by many. However, if someone skillfully uses Google, in the blink of an eye you will find a lot of companies bombarding young people with questionnaires to fill out (often to no avail).

Benefits :

  • It does not require any kind of financial investment
  • Great pocket money add-on
  • You can start right away for him

Disadvantages :

  • It is common for questionnaire-filling pages to not be used under the age of 18.
  • Pocket money supplements are a perfect business idea for young people, but making a living from it is harder.

Unique themed escape room

what kind of business is worth getting involved in?

One of the best business ideas for young people is the escape room.

Although getting started isn’t easy because you need some investment, as a young person you are constantly in the picture or with the coolest news. And that can be a huge business advantage.

There are plenty of escape rooms today, but if you can build on some unique theme, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Examples include the Harry Potter Escape Room or the Saw, possibly the Battle of the Thrones.

Abroad, it is already spiced with VR and is referred to as a “living escape room”.

Benefits :

  • In the case of a good topic, you also differentiate yourself from the competition
  • It’s one of the easy-to-operate business ideas
  • As a young person, you can take advantage of knowing what’s going on in the brains of guys your age, what’s trendy, what’s cool, or what’s gas

Disadvantages :

  • The escape room market is quite saturated
  • It requires investment

Gaming coach

The popularity of eSport is already incredible and far from over.

According to some analysts, this increase in popularity will not stop until it develops into the most popular sport.

Already in Hungary, more and more eSport arenas or eSport centers are opening, think only of the MTK eSport department or the eSport center in Kök.

If you’re also playing a game on a machine or console, you’ll definitely want to get better at it.

It is no different with other young people.

It is already a popular trend abroad for parents to hire a coach for their child to get the best out of a particular game.

If you also want to train, you have nothing to do but:

  1. Be very good at a popular game like Fortnite
  2. You have to learn to transfer your knowledge very effectively

Benefits :

  • You can do what you love best: play
  • You can help others

Disadvantages :

  • In Hungary, it is questionable whether there is a market, because parents often do not have unnecessary money to finance their child’s gambling passion.
  • Even if there is a market, there are very few experts and coaches in the market
  • It’s hard to get rich in Hungary, but it can be perfect as a hobby or to supplement pocket money


It’s practically the same as the previous entrepreneurial idea, but instead of teaching, you need to entertain your viewers.

It differs from the previous idea in that you don’t necessarily have to be the best and most authentic player, you just have to be fun.

The point is to get and keep the attention of others.

This entrepreneurial idea impresses more men or boys, but there are also women among streamers.

Benefits :

  • Again, you can only deal with what you like best: you can play
  • You don’t have to be the best to be a popular streamer (of course it helps a lot)

Disadvantages :

  • It’s the boys ’biggest dream, and for it to be a successful entrepreneurial idea, it really needs to stand out
  • Lots of time while you can see money from this
  • In Hungary, only a few reach a level that already provides a livelihood


successful business ideas

The highest degree of “Successful Business Idea for Young People” is sure to be occupied by the influencer.

Today, youth no longer wants to be an astronaut, but an influencer.

The most important thing to do is: 

get as many followers as possible. 

And it’s not enough to get the attention of your contemporaries, but you also need to love yourself to follow. Have fun. Provide something useful. Stand out. But don’t settle for grabbing attention – keep it!

Benefits :

  • Very comfortable lifestyle
  • One of the most profitable business ideas for young people
  • It can be started immediately

Disadvantages :

  • Similar to football: a lot of people try, but very few get there to build a really big follower base
  • When one is so exposed to the opinions of tens or even hundreds of thousands of people, one surely gets both cold and warm. This is very difficult to deal with
  • Since a lot of you will be seen as a kind of role model (hence the name, influencer), you have to be very careful what you say or do. After a quick Youtube search, you can see that almost every popular Youtube has an apologetic video.

Phone accessories

phone complementary idea for youth

The phone accessories market is already a well-established $ 1 billion business and will continue to grow in the near future.

By keeping mini supercomputers in our pockets, it has become imperative to protect them as well.

Every phone has a touch-to-bottom touch screen that needs to be protected.

Phones are very difficult to distinguish, so they need a unique case.

Mobile phones run out quickly, so they need a power bank.

… And I could list the list.

What’s worth pointing out in this industry is the uniqueness of making our phone look different from the others.


  • It’s a huge industry and it’s growing
  • The customer group replaces their mobile phone every 1-2 years, and thus also the accessories
  • These are small products and not fragile that are fairly easy to transport


  • There are plenty in the market, so positioning is very important
  • Although the difference is important, it is also very difficult, as we can already find alternatives to almost every supplement
  • spiced with the experience of our last decade

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Business ideas in the countryside

Rural community office

rural community office

Due to the proliferation of online work and home office, there are many in the countryside who may feel lonely at home and want to be among like-minded people during their working hours.

Community offices as a solution are already quite widespread in Budapest, so it is not necessarily advisable to open another one – but this is not yet widespread in the countryside, and if we think about it, 4 times as many people live in the countryside as in Budapest. If you still plan to open one in Budapest, we strongly recommend that you position yourself, as you will see in the example (eg baby-friendly community office or dog-friendly community office).

It is therefore worth setting up a community office in the countryside, but preferably in a city where there is a high enough demand for such an initiative. With flyers or online advertising targeted to that city, it’s a good idea to gauge demand before you cut into it.

Benefits :

  • The idea can be validated quite well and the demand can be assessed
  • A huge network of contacts can be built by running a community office
  • You give a real solution to a lonely environment that works all day at home

Disadvantages :

  • There are still few people working in the home office in the countryside, but their numbers are constantly growing
  • Not every city has enough demand to make a business profitable
  • A business idea that requires a large capital investment

Marketing of local businesses

Although the biggest lord in a small town is word-of-mouth information, small rural businesses would need basic marketing execution.

It’s worth thinking about things they can afford, and it makes sense. Obviously, they don’t want to run a multi-million Facebook Black Friday campaign, but many rural SMEs, for example, are open to them:

  • pricing
  • website creation
  • establishing / learning a social media presence
  • image design.

For example, you can undertake to manage the social channels of local stores for a few thousand forints, which does not require more than 1-2 hours of work per week. Multiplying that, you can handle the social channel of 30-40 customers a week alone, which can mean a pretty good monthly income. This is just one example, which in many cases and in most cities will unfortunately not work. 

The goal is to target a local market.

Benefits :

  • It requires almost no investment, so business ideas like this work in the village as well
  • In the countryside, you can even help enthusiastic entrepreneurs in your own hometown
  • Again, only a huge network of connections with the local community can be built

Disadvantages :

  • You need strong arguments to convince Aunt Marika that she does need a Facebook page
  • In most villages, there is not enough competition between stores to position themselves or to tap into technology
  • Entrepreneurial thinking that time is more important than money is less common

Bio shop

From my own experience, I can say that an organic store is one of the best business ideas in the countryside.

In our city there is a very popular but very expensive. I found the same products at Aldi and practically the organic store works at three times the price – yet it goes great!

The big business advantage is that it sells all healthy and organic products in one place, so one only has to go into one store and get anything that is organic.

And here, don’t think about organic fruits and vegetables, but rather from lemon juice to wheatgrass to vitamins – anything that has to do with health.

The said convenience store sometimes even organizes health-related events, such as a monthly allergy test and the like.

So if someone asked me what kind of business to start in the countryside, an organic store would be among the top 3 ideas!

Benefits :

  • You can develop a very high pricing strategy, which is rare in the countryside
  • You sell small products, so it’s enough to rent or buy a small store
  • You’re immersing yourself in a healthy market that benefits you and your family tremendously

Disadvantages :

  • There aren’t many organic shops in a small town, so it’s good if you set up the first one
  • Your more resourceful / price-sensitive customer base may be able to get your products from elsewhere, cheaper
  • You need a bigger investment as you have to fill your shelves with relatively expensive products

Local news

business ideas in countryside

Everyone loves to belong to a community, and everyone loves news about community members.

Everyone raises their heads when their home village or hometown is announced in the evening news.

That’s why you might want to start a local newsletter reporting on events in your home village.

It can also be in print, but perhaps an even bigger option is the online version, as it requires virtually zero investment here.

And when you monetize, you can make money from ads from local companies.

You don’t even need a website, just a Facebook page. 

Benefits :

  • It requires no investment
  • With this business opportunity, you can also build a good network of contacts

Disadvantages :

  • It’s hard to get rich from it
  • It is difficult to predict how much revenue can be generated in this way
  • You have to be very in the picture with local events

Buy in the Great Plain, sell in Budapest

sale from the countryside to the capital

When I first visited the Great Plain, I noticed how cheap everything was. A lot of people produce something in their garden house and then sell it for pot money. I am not talking about official producers, but about simple, village people.

But no one buys it because everyone else grows it at their own house.

Therefore, the only thing they can do is sell them even cheaper.

You may want to buy and sell these kits in Pest. This is exactly how the Wholesale Market works, but if you manage to build your own customer base who buy the food you grow, you can make quite a profit with it.

Benefits :

  • You can sell for quite a profit
  • You help rural producers

Disadvantages :

  • It’s hard to form a customer who buys your crops
  • A lot of people are already doing this, especially in markets, but there is already a website that specializes in this
  • It involves a lot of travel and organization, it can’t start in a second job by any means

Personal training

personal training

I was surprised to find in rural gyms how much demand there is for personal trainers.

I only trained in Budapest for 5-6 years, and here it was natural for people to ask for the help of a personal trainer.

Then when I triggered my pass in the countryside, I saw that some personal trainers deal with 3 people at once because there is so much demand for them.

The good thing about the countryside is that it’s easy to color things up. One day, for example, you can organize workouts in the woods and always take your client to run. The next day you will meet again in the gym.

Benefits :

  • The demand for it is surprisingly high
  • It’s easy to differentiate yourself because there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor training in the countryside
  • Compared to rural standards, a fairly high income can be earned

Disadvantages :

  • It’s hard to scale, you build credibility and awareness for yourself, you can’t really transfer it to another – so the clientele is limited
  • Quite a popular profession, in some cities the market is quite crowded

Specialty cafe in the countryside

specialty cafe in countryside

You can find a specialty café on almost every corner of Budapest.

But what is a specialty coffee?

We use it for those who go through a very serious (SCAA) quality check and evaluation and get a minimum of 80 points out of 100.

It also works in the countryside because if you sit in a cafe, you don’t necessarily want to save. You’ll save on your home coffee, but you want to give it your way in a coffee shop. That’s why we pay multiple prices in restaurants too, because once we’re gone, we want to not take things away from ourselves.

Benefits :

  • There is also a market in the countryside that makes it profitable – even franchise opportunities can be developed
  • A quality café can easily become one of the cultural centers of a rural city
  • Great for building relationship capital

Disadvantages :

  • A quality specialty cafe requires a serious investment
  • The raw material is expensive, so the finished products will also be expensive
  • In the countryside, purchasing power is lower

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Business ideas from abroad

Wearable chair

business ideas from abroad

The portable chair is a very fresh thing, it hasn’t really appeared in Hungary yet.

The basic idea is brilliant: 

Not only does it allow us to sit anywhere, anytime, but it helps with cargo transportation, for example, it almost eliminates the weight of the heavy backpack.

Therefore, for example, it is terribly useful for a trip, it eliminates back complaints.

It is worth being one of the first to hit the idea and start marketing it in Hungary as well.

Benefits :

  • The idea is very new, it hasn’t really spread even abroad
  • You can be among the first to jump in Hungary
  • It is a very innovative business idea that has real benefits


  • It is difficult to say how big the market is at home
  • Not cheap

Tiny house

tiny house or tiny house

The market for tiny houses, or tiny houses in English, has almost exploded in recent years.

Youtube is full of them, and a multitude of young people are choosing this solution.

While they don’t seem too comfortable, they actually contain plenty of clever and creative solutions from the inside, which results in about doubling the space available and giving the owner essentially 2 instead of 1 room.

Mobile homes can be placed in the same business opportunity category, the essence of which is that they are lightweight – and more importantly: turnkey!

If someone likes a plot because it’s in a very good location, they can actually deliver the mobile home to them with a truck and move in immediately without any kind of construction or purchase of raw materials.

Benefits :

  • More and more people are choosing tiny houses or mobile homes – so the market is growing
  • You can build at your site or workshop, you don’t always have to go to another location

Disadvantages :

  • This is one of the hardest business ideas to list
  • It requires a huge financial investment
  • It also requires a high level of expertise

Subscription boxes

subscription boxes

Subscription-based boxes have been in vogue for some time.

It all started with the now legendary Dollar Shave Club, with this ad:

The bottom line is that a particular product is delivered to your home every month, or every 2 or 3 months – so you don’t have to keep in mind to constantly replace or replenish out of stock.

What products are best for a subscription model?

For example:

  • Razor
  • Toothbrush
  • Makeup

… And a lot more. The point is: they are replaced every 1-2 months or they run out of the household.

Benefits :

  • Regular, predictable cash flow
  • Those you manage to sign up for will stay for a few months
  • As it is often only a product of a few thousand forints, it is relatively easy to make the target group a subscriber.

Disadvantages :

  • Most sign-up markets filled up relatively quickly, but gaps remained
  • These are cheap products that are available in many places – so you can’t make too much profit
  • Many people buy these products in hypermarkets, physical stores, so they don’t even think they could buy them online.

Chinese imports

It is not at all surprising that Chinese imports have been included in the best business ideas 2021 collection.

Today, virtually every product has this label:

goods from China

China lay on manufacturing and became the uncrowned king of it. Nowhere can you make products cheaper than with them.

This is an advantage and also a disadvantage.

In any case, in trade at the moment, maybe only technology has more potential, so distributing products imported from China at home (even with a dropshipping web store) is one of the best business opportunities you can take advantage of.

All you have to do is find the best manufacturer (on alibaba or aliexpress) and then sell the product at home.

Benefits :

  • You can find a manufacturer for almost anything, literally everything
  • They can even meet an individual need if you order in large enough quantities
  • You can import it very cheaply, so you can count on a big profit

Disadvantages :

  • It has become much harder to sell your own product because you simply can’t compete on price with China – what’s left: branding and quality!
  • Today, without exception, almost all Hungarian traders order products from China. 

2. Business opportunities for Kickstarter and Indiegogo products

At the same time, the two crowdfunding sites were a huge fashion, and Hungarian copycats also appeared on the market.

It has since normalized, fashion has subsided – however, the two big sides have stood the test of time, and great innovations and inventions appear on them every day:

kickstarter and indiegogo idea

There are two great business opportunities to consider.

1. Present your product on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

It is much easier for an inventor or innovator than it was 1-2 decades ago. You can immediately present your idea to a huge, potential buyer crowd.

You don’t have to think big, you don’t have to invent electricity. Products that anyone can put together with a little creativity, e.g.

  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Comics

You may want to try this if you think you are creative enough.

2. Import and exclusive distribution of a popular Kickstarter or Indiegogo product

If you prefer to work as a businessman instead of an inventor, you should constantly follow the new products on both sides, and if it seems like a big opportunity for which the Hungarian market is big enough (this is very important!), You should start a long correspondence with the manufacturer, and agree with them to market the product at home.

Benefits :

  • Extremely fun activity to hide on both sides is one of the best jobs we can imagine
  • Be the first to know about the latest trends and products
  • You’ll come across products whose idea has essentially been validated on the site by sponsors, namely the most serious kind of validation: money has been issued for it in advance!

Disadvantages :

  • Whether it has been validated by the foreign market, it is not yet certain whether it is a viable business idea in Hungary, as the market is small and the demand may not be the same as what you experienced on the two crowdfunding sites.
  • You will definitely have competition, so if you find a new product, chances are not only you will contact the manufacturer at home 
  • These are new companies that have repeatedly failed to deliver on the promises mentioned on the pages, so you should be careful

If you are not only targeting the domestic market, but also planning to expand abroad – you will find plenty of useful information on the Europreneurs blog.

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I’m interested

Business ideas for little money

Profession, profession, profession

electrician professional work

The shortage of specialists in Hungary is huge.

Unfortunately, everyone abroad who has stayed at home is already scheduled for Christmas.

This puts prices for professionals in the skies and, most importantly, customers pay for it as they are happy to have found a professional.

It’s a huge opportunity now to become a professional or outsource professionals. 

The most sought-after professions in Hungary:

  • machine cutting
  • electrician
  • welder
  • carpenter
  • bricklayer

And if you follow one of our tips above, you’ll also be selling products for your service, so you can increase your revenue even further (for example, as an electrician, you can immediately install the light switches, cables, etc. you sell).

Benefits :

  • Demand is huge, supply is very small
  • Almost no one is price sensitive because no one can afford it to be
  • Clients and principals are infinitely patient as they know that if they send the specialist, they will not find anything else in the short term.

Disadvantages :

  • It’s hard to scale: you won’t be able to find another professional next to you, so you have to do the work alone – but unfortunately it only consists of 24 hours a day.
  • A good professional will not be really skilled from education, but from a wealth of experience. That’s why it takes time for you to become really skillful.

Outsourcing of professionals

google trends specialist

Since the crisis, the demand for professionals has been growing steadily, and as vocational training is becoming less and less popular among young people, this trend does not seem to have stopped.

Professionals, on the other hand, observe that they only want to do professional work – and they don’t want to do other things related to building a business , such as sales or marketing.

If you manage to form a team of sole proprietors who you can constantly outsource somewhere and take the burden off their shoulders by doing everything else outside of the job, they will be happy to sacrifice a portion of their profits to you as a commission.

Benefits :

  • Contrary to the previous idea, this is scalable, the more professionals you have on your team, the more customers you can serve
  • The demand is huge, a very lucrative business idea with little money

Disadvantages :

  • There is no need for marketing in the biggest shortage professions because professionals are recommended word of mouth. You will not have an easy time finding a professional in these professions.
  • Although little money, but it takes a lot of time because you need to build a network of contacts
  • Some professionals are very difficult to find because they are nowhere available online. Then you need to ask your circle of friends for recommendations, but your circle of friends is also finite.

Product photographer

product photography idea

With the proliferation of webshops, the demand for product photography has also increased.

When a visitor examines the offerings of a webshop, they do not have the opportunity to physically touch and hold the product in their hands. That’s why the photos stay.

We love the better the more angular photos available. And for most products, photos are the first thing we click on.

So a good product photo sells. And webshop owners know exactly that.

Therefore, if you are interested in the world of photography, I would definitely recommend product photography as a great business opportunity. Since you only need a good machine, it’s a great business idea for little money.

Benefits :

  • More and more webshops – »more and more products -» more and more product photos – »more and more market
  • There are plenty of online courses available that will teach you how to take good product photos
  • You can get started relatively quickly, all you need is a good camera

Disadvantages :

  • Most webshops like to do in-house product photography, they don’t consider it as important as it really is
  • The Hungarian market may not be big enough if you just want to start a business by photographing products
  • At first, it is sure that it will take a lot of sales work (and time) to find every webshop and convince them that they need your service.

Start your own blog / vlog

There are many benefits to starting your own blog.

On the one hand, you draw attention to yourself, you can show your talent.

On the other hand, you’re building a relationship system that is probably the most important skill in the world in 2021.

Third, one of the most comfortable and perfect jobs in the modern world. You work from where you want, whenever you want, and write about whatever you want.

It’s important to find out if the writing or video format is best for you.

As a rule of thumb, this is worth noting:

  • When you provide professional information, the written form may be better
  • If your content is more fun, the video format will work better

It’s very black and white, the reality is much more nuanced than this, and there will be plenty of exceptions, but reading articles is simply easier for a professional because we can consume it at our own pace – at the same time a much more active activity than watching videos, so when you have fun, the more you can turn off the brains of your followers, the more they will enjoy it.

Benefits :

  • One of the best business ideas is for little money
  • The system of relationships you can build through this is unparalleled
  • An incredibly convenient and high-potential internet business idea

Disadvantages :

  • There is a lot of competition in almost every industry because everyone is aware that it is one of the benchmarks for successful business ideas.
  • Although it can be started with little money, it requires a huge amount of knowledge (or instinctive sense)
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself at home , and sometimes you can be very lonely, especially in the start-up phase.

Growing / collecting deficient plants

growing deficient plants

There are some plants whose availability is diminishing.

Take truffles, for example.

Due to climate change, there are fewer and fewer of them, so there are years when the price per kilo reaches HUF 150,000 (!!!).

But we don’t have to go for food that is so difficult to grow. A sweet chestnut tree can look really nice in a garden.

Especially when you drop your crop and sell it in stores for 3,000 forints a kilo.

It’s worth looking around at the market to see which plants, fruits, vegetables or mushrooms are in short supply – and start growing them.

Their trade is also a very lucrative activity, this has already been mentioned in the Business Ideas Countryside section.

Tip: one of your biggest buyers may be companies that make various oils and creams from freshly grown organic ingredients.

Benefits :

  • Huge quantities can be produced at home without much difficulty
  • It can be convenient because if it has to be harvested once a year and does not require special care, it essentially passively brings in money for most of the year.


  • You need buyers who need to be found and sold to them
  • You need an area like a garden or a plot
  • You will be exposed to perishability as these are organic substances / foods

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