How To Start a Walk Behind Lawn Mower?

Ride-on or Walk behind mowers both are great for trimming large lawns. The first time you try to start one, you may not know what to do before pressing the button to activate it. Although the order of steps can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer but they all follow the same basic procedure. To start a best large walk behind mower, you need to apply the brakes, put the gear lever in neutral, press the accelerator, turn on the ignition and solve any problems that prevent the machine from working properly.

Start the engine and sit firmly in the seat. Some walk behind lawn mowers have a built-in safety system that turns the engine off unless you are seated or have the parking brake on. Before starting the mower, make sure you are seated and can reach all pedals and levers.

Depress the brake pedal. Look to the left. The brake can be a pedal that’s under your left foot, although on some mowers it can be a lever that you need to lift. Press the pedal or the lever to apply the brake and hold it in this position.

Activate the parking brake. The position varies from the mower model to mower model, but it is a wheel or lever near you. Look to the right or left of your seat and pull the brake up while slowly releasing the brake pedal.
On mowers that do not appear to have a brake button, try depressing the appropriate pedal to activate the parking brake.

Put the shift lever in neutral. Look for the gear stick, usually near the steering wheel or sometimes under the seat. Move the pointer to N (neutral).With some lawnmowers, especially lawnmowers without a parking brake, you have to hold the brake down when switching.

Move the throttle to the choke position. Look for throttle near the seat on the left. You can distinguish most of these levers because they show the speed through the image of a rabbit and a turtle. Move the throttle to activate the choke. Depending on the lawnmower, you can either place the lever between the fast and slow positions or move quickly to a point, sometimes indicated by a circle with a diagonal line inside.

Insert the key into the contact. You can now insert the key into the ignition, which may be on the dashboard in front of you or next to the mower seat.

Turn the key to the right. Once you make contact, turn it all the way to the right and you will hear the engine start. You should likely leave the key in this position for at least fifteen seconds before the engine starts.

Move the throttle to the fast position. Return to the throttle. Use the joystick to choke on the fastest option, often indicated by the image of a rabbit. The mower may be ready for use at this point. However, if it is old you may need to warm up the engine before you start driving.

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